Wall spaces be damned

There are few things less appealing than a blank white wall. It just screams “I’m boring as hell” whereas an over cluttered one seems to state that the owner is out of their mind.

One out of the four walls in my room is currently blank and it’s slowly killing me inside. I’ve tried to fix my situation before but the poster frame came crashing down in the middle of the night, hitting me while I was sleeping. (It was positioned right over my bed.) After a good twenty minutes of hyperventilating I decided to leave the wall alone for a while, or maybe just wait until I move out of sublet and can use the G-d sends that are hammer and nails.

Until then, I’ve been looking at ulterior ways to decorate space in which it’s both aesthetically interesting and unique while still maintaining personal style.

This reminds me of an Anthropologie display where they artfully hang their dishware on the wall as another excuse to buy their plates. Sometimes they even throw moss or fishing net up there like a drunken housewife’s futile attempt at shabby chic. Well played Anthropologie, well played.


Like any fun-loving narcissist I accept the challenge of hanging mirrors wherever humanly possible. I love the juxtaposition of all these different sized ones with a heavy brocade frame, and it looks amazing in real life — the fifth avenue Juicy Couture store currently has them all along their winding staircase. Why was I in there? Because I can’t accept the fact that I’m no longer sixteen.


Once again this falls under the category of, “when hell freezes over and I have more space…” but I think this cabinet is freaking genius. The differing geometric forms of Capn’ Crunch and spaghetti artfully serve a double purpose and they won’t get lost in the back of a overhead cabinet.


When all else fails, an otherwise simple or understated image can make a bold look. Half the battle is a vibrant color in an otherwise sparse background, regardless of whether or not you can color inside the lines.



Or if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can really make a statement with a shitload of knives and enough contempt to drive it into the dry board. Cheers!

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