Summer Bucket List

The above snippet is taken from Sylvia Plath’s copy of The Great Gatsby. The underlined passage, some of the most well known lines from the novel, speaks across generations and serves as a dark hint concerning what Sylvia was cooking up for herself. (Too soon?)

But, per usual I digress. The passage’s popularity goes to show that ennui is, and has been, a universal “problem” even before good ol’ Scotty was slinging back whiskey to write about it.

It’s human nature to rely on habit. People, places and things that you have experienced before are easier to deal with because we’re more comfortable with the familiar. Truthfully, we’re all a little emotionally crippled by it.

In my nearly two and a half years in NYC (this includes my six month internship prior to Senior year of college), I haven’t done or experienced nearly as much as I probably should have. Granted I’ve seen and done a lot in the city that supposedly never sleeps, but I also feel jaded about things I shouldn’t, and cynical about things I haven’t given a chance.

Unlike Gatsby’s Daisy it’s not because I’m sophisticated (quite the opposite, unfortunately), but because I’ve grown accustomed to social patterns and written off certain things I’ve deemed them too touristy. I shouldn’t be this flippant at 24 without reason, and this is why I’ve devised a summer bucket list, to help circumvent participating in the cyclical pattern of abuse that is day drinking, reading and tanning. Although, to be fair, at least two of the three are noble pursuits.


1. Walk the Brooklyn Bridge

Probably in boat shoes because that’s the most “sensible” footwear I own.

2. Eat Artichoke Pizza on the Highline

No explanation necessary.

3. Have an actual picnic in Central Park

…as opposed to just sitting on the rocks with a flask. I mean, I already have the picnicking accoutrements. My cheeseboard is going to waste.

4. Attend the Gatsby party on Governor’s Island with an accurate ensemble

Last year I bitched out and didn’t wear real 1920′s garb. This year: no limits.

5. Watch an outdoor movie in Bryant Park

I’ve avoided it until now for…obvious reasons

6. Watch the fireworks at South Street Seaport

It’s better than hearing them in bed and wrongly assuming we’re being bombed.

7. Explore Brooklyn

Ugh, fine.

8. Indulge in Shake Shack

I honestly don’t know why I haven’t gone yet. Oh wait, calories.

9. Rent a row boat in Central Park


10. Bike in Central Park

Ugh, exercise. And spending money to do it…

11. Bird watch in Long Island

Oh God, I’m turning into my Mother.

12. Barbecue meat

Glorious, glorious meat.

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