Plaid pains.

Everyone has their weaknesses.

Kal-El has kryptonite. Pavarotti had chocolate. Kim Kardashian has dark chocolate. I have plaid and boat shoes. Considering I lead a low profile life and spent my time making passive-aggressive bitchy comments via the Internet, this really hasn’t posed a problem.

In my past post I described my internal angst over being completely passed over by the Christmas spirit. It pains me that I can do little to contribute but add the scent of strong G&T’s, which arguably smell like Xmas trees.

Luckily, holiday fashion and the campaigns glamorizing it are chock-full of plaid, tartan, and the men who look great in it. For example, Rugby Ralph Lauren.

I would get over my horrible fear of camping to hang out with these people.

The Tommy Hilfiger “family”, gracing billboards and buses everywhere.

With ever rising college tuition costs, the Hilfigers should have considered birth control.

And for you craft nerds out there, a plethora of plaid options are at your disposal. Sweet Paul magazine offers DIY wreaths, but these tartan terriers are killing me.

(I also blame all of these Christmas posts on a misfortunate lack of Chanukah gelt)

In the meantime, I’m going to try and DIY the shit out of a crappy Kindle cover into a tartan masterpiece. There are literally no cute cases for the newest Kindle generation, and it’s not just irritating — but disappointing.

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