There’s nothing like a relaxing weekend at home. I relish the process of gorging upon everything in the kitchen, slipping into a food coma and then awakening from a strange, foreign light — only to remember that bedrooms in the suburbs have the luxury of windows.

Another one of the highlights was the inevitable trip to Mecca, better known as the J. Crew outlet. If there is a heaven I suppose it looks something like the bright, cheery printed blouses and dresses tacked against the wall like trophies deserved by those who can actually afford them. It looked like spring threw up everywhere, and I was so overwhelmed I only left with a skirt because I was being cruel/rational and my warm weather wardrobe could clothe a small, preppy African village.

But I digress, during the trip home via Megabus (which I hope I can someday look back on and laugh at while dancing in the windfall of dollar bills) I had brought the standard necessities: the most current J. Crew catalog, Martha Stewart magazines, and booze to help numb the pain. Of course the J. Crizzle spring collection took perfection to another realm, and these animal-themed enamel bangles and necklaces helped knock it out of the park.

Not only are they bold, season-spanning statement pieces that go with just about everything, they’re fun as hell. Life is short and if you’re not wearing something that makes you happy, you might as well crawl back to the depths of Filene’s Basement or whatever lower circle of department store hell you try to satiate yourself with.

All the jewelry pictured is available at

Giraffe bangle via J. Crew

Ram bangle via Sarah Vickers

Frog necklace via J. Crew

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  1. Emily says:

    Amen. I’ve been dying over that ram bracelet for quite some time, but alas, there are many things closer to the top of my wishlist (though I’m sure I’ll regret this later). Hope you had a good trip home!

    moda + medialunas

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