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Rhode Island holds a lot of sentimental value for me. I was born in Providence and spent a good part of my childhood playing on Nantasket beach and watching the shirtless URI runners as they jogged past. The maternal side of my family is from West Kingstown, and I always look forward to indulging in Grandma’s cooking or listening to stories about my mom as a kid getting attacked by her pet swans.

Like any state there are the poverty stricken urban areas, but Newport and the surrounding beaches make up for it in picturesque splendor that encapsulates the New England vibe. Sure Vermont has their fall foliage, but tell me about the last time you totally ‘raged’ in Montpelier.

All ‘raging’ with Vermont ski patrol that had missing teeth stories aside (sorry Mom) I wanted to share with you why I’m so excited about Kiel James Patrick. I had always admired the couple that totally took over the prep blogosphere with their stunning good looks and effortless style, but didn’t realize the quality of the product they’re selling until a few weeks ago.

Kiel James Patrick belts, ties, and bracelets are 100% made in Rhode Island and parts of Massachusetts. The stamped logo buttons that fasten their bracelets are made by Cranston’s Urshel Tool Co., the majority of their leatherwork is done by Johnston’s Bren Corporation, and T.W. Evans Cordage Supply in Cranston supplies the nautical rope used in belts and bracelets. The last time I wore something that American were hot dog and beer stains from the bbq on my porch.

The definition of a grassroots company, the designers/couple operate out of a 1960’s raised ranch in Johnston surrounded by spools of thread and enough New England design inspiration to make JFK look like a Commie. Patrick and Vickers’ work is a combination of “family tartans, English regimental stripes, high quality woven wool from Scotland and Ireland, and jacquared woven silk ties” constructed into smaller accessories that punctuate an outfit worthy of any country club or impromptu and properly inebriated tennis match.

Yes their items are more on the higher end, but you’re paying for the quality and originality of the design. This is the stuff that major brands are copying, not the other way around.

It also helps that the couple exclusively models all their own wares (Patrick is a former model, in case you couldn’t tell) and mainly advertise through social media. It definitely inspired me to look further into the brand when Patrick started following me on Twitter, which is the quickest and cheapest way to any social media whore’s blackened heart.

I’m currently coveting their headbands, but would snap up a bracelet or belt in a heart beat. You can purchase any of their wares at, or at any 160 plus boutiques in America, Europe, and Asia. This is a couple who’s seriously living the dream.

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  1. Love KJP bracelets (and don’t forget Sarah’s headbands!!!).

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