Gatsby Party On Governor’s Island

For someone who spends all day tooling around on a Mac, I’m pretty inept when it comes to technology. Hell will freeze over before I get around to rebuilding my website in lieu of  publishing idle threats on  Twitter/rechecking the Anthropologie website for the sale that will never come. Long story short, my camera cord wasn’t working and it didn’t occur to me that there was a card reader built into my laptop. Hence the Gatsby Party pictures from a bit ago.

Twice a summer there is a 1920’s themed party on Governor’s Island, where everyone is invited to picnic and dress up in Jazz age attire as they listen to period music and blow  cash at the bar. A friend from college and I decided to check it out — alas we paid attention to the invite and didn’t bring our own booze.

However, the people watching alone was worth the ferry ride and cheap admission ($10 at the door, $7 beforehand) and I’m looking forward to attending next summer. With a picnic basket full of brie, baguettes, and an ample supply of vodka.

I own her flower hair piece, and yes it does look better on me.


True unbridled passion on the dance floor.


I need to go back to Governor's Island. It's the closest thing to Newport I can get at the moment.

Gatsby waiting for Daisy. Or Brad just posing like an ass.

Unfortunately they let in everyone who paid, aka the underdressed plebians.

I commend her for wearing fur in 80+ degree weather.

Jazz age ghost child.

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  1. CW says:

    I’m coming with you next summer.

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