C Wonder-ing why.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with C Wonder, it’s the glorious brand-pet of business mogul Chris Burch — the ex-husband of Tory Burch. There was some squabbling over the lifestyle brands likeness to Tory Burch’s preppy and bright aesthetic, but in all fairness you can’t trademark the “I spent most of the morning drinking G&T’s and contemplating playing tennis but I just ended up drinking more and organizing my jewelry according to which husband it was from.”

Mr. Burch wanted to create a brand that was rooted in luxury but had low to medium priced goods, a far cry from his ex-wife’s expensive line of clothing and accessories. The result is a collection of fun, vibrant stores with exceptional housewares that are even within MY price range. If you have the chance the SoHo flagship store is a must-see, the first time I went in there I was fairly impressed. And as a jaded and embittered New York transplant, that says alot.

If you can’t make it to the SoHo store, then check out their website which is now featuring a 50% off sale clearance event with the code 50MORE. Below are some of my sale picks, too bad I have no room in my apartment for them.

Perfect for your amalgamation of mismatched earrings and prescription pills.

 Available here for only $10


Because who "enjoys" non-liquid food anyway?

 Available here for only $7

Orange you glad it's only faux-crocodile? *Cocks loaded pistol to head*

Available here for only $12

Close your eyes and pretend it's the Burberry quilted jacket.

Available here for only $45.

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  1. Annie says:

    Oh Sarah, you’ve done it again. Know I’ve said it before, but seriously appreciate the wit. Girl after my own heart on that front. In other news, I also enjoyed my visit into the C Wonder store. The design is just as punchy as the merchandise.

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