An open thank you letter to

Sperry Hingham Boots

Last week I came across a horribly depressing realization- I no longer owned shoes with traction. With a snowstorm of epic proportions on the way and disaster imminent- I did what a sane person would do in similarly dire situations… I went online shopping.

I’d been looking for a pair of Sorel’s for a while, but hadn’t found anything in my cheap and naive price range. I had also just missed the start of the Sorel Rue La La sale by about twenty minutes and was still intensely bitter about that.

Luckily in a fit of desperation I went on Amazon, and through some higher power these boots came up in my “recommended” section. They were still more than I would have liked to pay, but there was one pair in the Amazon warehouse in my size for a ridiculously low price.

Usually I don’t make rash online purchasing decisions, but I didn’t want Brandon to have to carry me back from the bar again. There are only so many thing you should make your friends do. (He even held me up on the slippery bar when I went to get shots, and then ultimately got up there himself with all the other girls. Now that is a true friend.)

With my Amazon prime free student shipping, the boots were on my feet in less than twenty-four hours. They have held up beautifully in the snowpocalypse, and I wholeheartedly recommend the Sperry Hingham boots to anyone who has to trudge through the frozen urban tundra. And through some form of Jew or slut magic I managed to acquire them for a mere $28.99. Thanks Amazon!

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  1. Brandon says:

    Seriously, the things I do for you, it’s amazing. Unfortunately, I don’t think these boots will save you from your terrible balance after your third shot of jager.

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